Learn How to Legally Disinherit Revenue Canada

Version 5 Updated October 2021 is now for sale on Amazon.ca - Are you looking to protect your hard earn wealth and disinherit Revenue Canada? Then this book is for you, find out how to protect your family at a time when they are likely at their most vulnerable, and could be paying the biggest tax bill they will ever see. There are only two things in life that are certain, Death and Taxes. While each of these is bad enough on its own, when combined it’s a double whammy.

If you think you can just name a beneficiary on your Registered accounts or move into the family cottage and claim it as your Principal residence, or sell it for $1 and avoid “The Success Tax” you are sadly mistaken, and you need to read this book! It is your money you have earned it, make sure that you have taken the correct steps to protect it.

While there is no official "Estate Tax" in Canada, there is "The Success Tax". Many people have never heard of the Success Tax, and there is an excellent reason for that. The main reason being that there is not an official tax called the Success Tax in Canada. However, that doesn’t mean that the Success Tax does not exist. I assure you it does. It is just known by other names.

The Success Tax takes one of two forms. The first form is deferred taxation on registered products such as RSPs, GRSPs, LRSPs, RIFs, LIFs and other similar retirement tax-sheltered vehicles. The second form of the Success Tax is the tax on deferred Capital Gains. This tax effects such assets as stocks, mutual funds, art, antiques, collectibles, real estate, private businesses and sometimes even bonds. While there is no hiding from the Success Tax, there are several things that can be done to help legally reduce or even eliminate the amount that your estate or your heirs pay.

The Success Tax shuffle is not a way of avoiding taxes that are legally due, nor is it a donation tax scheme. The Success Tax Shuffle is the process of arranging your assets and affairs in order to take advantage of the current tax laws, tax credits, deductions and other estate planning tools with a view to reducing or even eliminating the Success Tax. This will allow more of your hard earned assets to go to those you love and not those you love to hate.

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Learn how to Disinherit Revenue Canada, with the simple to follow step by step examples shown in "The Success Tax Shuffle". Order your copy today!

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CRA has changed reporting requirements on the sale of Real-Estate and the Principal Residence Exemption CRA Changes Oct 3,2016. Please note that The Success Tax Shuffle has been updated to reflect these changes.

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